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Are you looking for 10×10 shed plans free of charge? Need more storage space? Most homeowners out there do! Over the past few years, homes have become bigger and needs have become wider! Doesn’t it seem enticing to see a small shed surrounding massive homes? Well, the need for utility sheds has increased by leaps and bounds recently. This can be attributed to the need for a clean and secure means of storage. Generally, sheds are used to store garbage, workshop materials and firewood. The additional storage space will help you maintain an amazing house! And, it is quite interesting to note that 10×10 storage sheds can be built in an effortless manner. As you follow few important steps, the petite structure will be up in no time.

Easy 10×10 Shed Plans

Let’s get that new 10×10 shed of yours up, by following through these 13 easy to steps. First time builders can follow through, but this will not be an easy task to do yourself if this is your first building project.

Important Materials for the Storage Shed!

Before you build a 10×10 storage shed, you should get ahold of all necessary things. This includes a massive list with shovels, roof trusses, drip edges, hand tampers, five 4×6 pressure treated beams of 10-foot length, carpenter levels, circular saws, trim materials, pre fabricated windows, pre fabricated doors to roofing shingles, galvanized nails, 2×4 8-foot lumbers, exterior siding materials, roofing felt, roofing tacks, roof trusses and plenty of screws. The list of important materials is quite endless. Based on the size and type of shed you wish to construct, the foremost items would change!

Step #1 – Find a Perfect Spot

To construct a 10×10 shed, you must identify a flat region. This is one of the most important decisions you should make during the build. The yard should be flat and leveled perfectly. You can use a shovel and a pick to level the ground area. Conversely, compact the soil and prevent rough settlings from accumulating on the surface. According to experts, you should use a plate compactor or hand tamper while compacting the soil.

Step #2 – Plan the Beams

Now, it’s time to plan the beams! The beams should be placed on solid ground. Initially, take 5, 4×6 pressured treated beams and place them on ground level. Make sure there are no gaps between the beams and the ground! The beams should be 36-inches apart from one another (center and parallel). Also, verify if the beams are placed on carpenter’s level. Make essential adjustments, whenever you feel like the beams are not aligned properly.

Step #3 – Frame the Floor

Next, the floor frame has to be built. This step requires two 2x4x8 pieces of lumber. The 2x4x8 pieces can be used as the rim joists. The floor joists should be framed by cutting 141-inch pieces from the 2x4x12 length lumber. The floor joists must be spaced 16-inches apart. For a firm structure, the rim joists and floor joists should be perpendicular to each other. Consequently, nail the rim and floor joists together. To cover these intersections and joints, you can make use of 4×8 plywood sheets. These sheets can be cut to suit the sizes of the edges and nailed onto them. Technically, this stage is also known as floor decking.

Step #4 – Build the Shed Walls

Moving on, the shed’s walls must be built. You can use the 2x4x12 sheets for the top and bottom plates of the wall. Similarly, the 2x4x8 lumbers can be used as the wall studs. The studs should be nailed to the plates at every 16-inch mark. Meanwhile, don’t forget to frame openings for the windows and doors. This is an important step that has to be repeated for all the sides.

Step #5 – Doors & Windows

While planning the windows and doors, be very careful. This is because meaningless openings will use up the shed’s wall space. In many simple shed plans, you will come across a single door and two windows. This is an optimal design that saves wall space and makes the 10×10 shed pretty. However, as potential builders and users of the shed, you can customize the number of windows/doors in the unit.

tep #6 – The Placement

Once the basic choices and layouts are prepared, the walls should be raised and placed on the floor decks. The outside edge of the floor decking should be flushed along with the bottom plate’s outside edge. Screw the edges using a 3 inch screw (heavy duty). The procedure must be repeated on all the walls. Additionally, ensure the walls are square and plumb while nailing them together.

Step #7 – Plates

Moving on, the 2x4x12 top plates must be nailed onto the walls. During this stage the plates should be marked on the 24-inch level. These markings will be useful while setting up the roof trusses.

Step #8 – The Roof Trusses

Consequently, the trusses and the outside edge of each top plate should be nailed together. The trusses can be raised over one another at anytime. Based on the markings done in the previous step, you should place and space the trusses. You can deck the roof using different types of materials. Plywood is treated as a wise and common choice for roof decking. Just like floor decking, you can cover all joints using thin sheets of plywood.

Step #9 – Roof Shingling

Shingling the roof is another important step to be performed. To shingle roofs, you must cover the plywood layer with asphalt paper. Plywood has to be tacked down with the roofing tacks.

Step #10 – The Drip Edge

Consequently, you should install drip edges. These edges will make sure water doesn’t get accumulated in the 10×10 shed’s roof. Almost all 10×10 shed plans come with a drip edge.

Step #11 – Building a Door

The shed’s door must be framed with lots of care and concern. Here are few steps on how to build a door for the shed:

• Measure the shape and size of the door opening.

• Verify if you require a two foot or single foot frame.

• Select a suitable kind of lumber for the door.

• Based on the lumber and size of the door, boards should be ripped using a circular saw.

• Next the braces must be cut.

• Now, cut the door to its length. Finally, fix the hinges and handle.

Step #12 – Painting The Shed

The last step in any fast shed plan would be painting! You can choose any kind of paint for the shed. If the shed is ought to placed in a composed garden, you should opt for mild shades like white and light blue.

And finally, step 13 is to load the shed with the predestined items!