double-shed-doorsOver the past few years, many buildings have come up with enticing double door sheds. This building project can be done very fast! As suggested by its name, these sheds have two huge doors. Thus, you can store big equipments like motor bikes, wheelbarrows and lawn mowers in an effortless manner. The double doors should be opened and closed as you move-in the very big item. Likewise, you can keep one door closed for everyday usage or while moving a small object. According to experts, the arrangement has many benefits. And, in this short write up, you will get a comprehensive insight through 4 easy ways of building double shed doors.

3 Pre-Building Steps

Before we jump right into the building process, these three very important and crucial tips will help you out greatly. These are things you must consider before you start building your shed doors.

Pre-Building #1 – Identify A Perfect Location

First of all, you should decide on a perfect side for the double doors. Factually, you can choose from four different sides! And, each of these sides will have a unique collection of benefits, drawbacks and characteristic features. Often, having a double door in all four sides will be meaningless. Instead, decide on a side that will offer effortless access to the shed’s contents. Having double doors in just one end will reduce the accessibility of items that are stored in the rear end! Thus, focus on a simple design that assures accessibility and convenience. These are two important factors that would determine the shed’s lifetime!

Pre-Building #2 – Investing on Security

As mentioned previously, the double door sheds would be used to store huge, expensive items. A major disadvantage in building double shed doors would be “reduced security”. Unlike conventional sheds, you must remember to lock the double doors carefully and securely. One of the doors should be kept stationery at all times. This is why you should devour lots of concern on where and why certain points are made on the design. The ultimate strength of the door will depend on the positioning of these points. For example, some double door sheds tend to make use of center posts. In this structure, a stationary door would be locked into the frame.

The center posts can be semi permanent or removable. Likewise, you can install secure, lockable bars in the shed to affirm its safe & secure nature. There are several different types of lockable bars in the market. Based on the size and value of your double door shed, you should handpick these locks. Make sure the lock is strong, reliable and truly durable. Homeowners with hefty budgets tend to build double door sheds with sensors and customized alarm systems. These features will undeniably add more value to your investment.

Pre-Building #3 – Decide on a Good Design

Before you start construction, you must gather certain information about the shed. Firstly, decide on the kind of doors you wish to install. It is quite interesting to note that there are several different types of double doors. For instance, check if you want a plain double door or a fancy one with extraneous features! As you identify the door design, decide on a sensible size for the door opening. During this phase, you must verify if the door corners are sharp and square. Doors with perfect corners will remove a massive chunk of work from your shoulders.

4 Quick Ways to Build Double Shed Doors Very Fast!

After the 3 pre-building steps, now its time to build these doors. Building a double she doors isn’t a very lengthy and difficult task to achieve. Big sheds require double doors. So let’s start the building process!

Building #1 – Place the Doors

So, how do you build a double door shed? Is the procedure similar to conventional shed building strategies? If yes, how different is it? Generally, double door sheds can be treated as an extension of conventional sheds. As you build a huge storage unit, you must exert some care and concern on how the doors would be placed. The ultimate look and functional nature of your double door shed will depend on where you place its doors. If you wish to enjoy proper access to the double door shed, remember that it has to be placed properly.

Building #2 – A Neat Finish

Moving on, you must remember to install a working door stop! Most people forget this important point during the design phase. Always work with extra levels of attention. If you want to see professional results in your double shed doors, you must work very carefully. For example, if the double door doesn’t open or close properly, you must sand it’s edges. Else, you can have 1/8 inch narrow paths in the plan. Such modifications will give your double door shed a perfect and neat finish. Also, don’t forget to install latches that would lock your double doors perfectly.

Building #3 – The Frame

Building huge double doors from 2×4 lumbers will be an effortless move. This is because the slats would be strong, straight and light. This will give the door frame a perfect finish. Additionally, the frame will be strong enough to support heavy panels. To prevent wood from breaking or splitting, you should insert nails into the siding. This is a smart tip used by professional builders. The very next step in building double door sheds – would be the installation of door stops. You can accomplish this task by using 2×2 piece lumbers. Align the ends of these wood strips to receive a picture perfect finish. Next, you must attach the door trims. For this, you should build small components from 1×4 lumber! To improve the final look of your double door shed, you must stick extending header trims from each side! A small extension of 1 ¼ inches will do wonders to your double door shed.

Building #4 – The Finishing!

Building double doors is more-or-less a simple job with straightforward instructions. If you have the right set of tools and plans, you can nail this job perfectly. Conversely, to build double doors you should make use of 1×4 trims and plywood that is cut into half. Meanwhile, make sure the corners are smooth and perfect right angles. Finally, fit the latches, hinges and screws into the frame. The hinges and screws should be aligned properly to receive a symmetrical appearance. And to give your double door a good look, you must add wood putty into the holes and sand the surface with sandpaper.