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So, are you prepared to learn more on how to build a garden sheds that look like houses? A shed of such kind adds value to your landscape, and also safely stores all your outdoor accessories. As the summer season approaches, most homeowners plan for brand new garden sheds. It is quite interesting to note that garden sheds are treated as an integral part of most homes.

In fact, it is quite difficult to come across homes without a sophisticated looking garden shed! And, some of these sheds that look like houses will leave you astonished. They are built with high end materials and “one of a kind” strategies that can make these sheds exceptionally durable and strong.

How to Build Garden Sheds That Look Like Houses

Read more, and learn what the five interesting tips on how to build garden sheds that look like houses. These are challenging building projects, but can be feasible when point in the right direction.

Tip #1 – An Ideal Location

Know Your Needs

Are your gardening tools lying round the corner? Do you have bike gears scattered in your living area? Are you searching for a perfect place for your garden whatchamacallits? If yes, you must look for DIYs with amazing garden shed designs. These sheds will help you organize things in a proficient manner.

Conversely, garden storage sheds can be treated as a mainstay area for your gears, gardening tools and accessories. However, what would be the ideal location for such garden sheds? As mentioned previously, sheds are no longer eye sores. Instead they are eye catchy structures, which can be placed anywhere!

Know the Shed’s Functionality!

Always remember that garden sheds that look like houses must be positioned in a visible location. The ground should be firm and sturdy. It should be void of rust, rot and excess moisture. These are three critical factors that would affect the overall lifespan of your garden shed.

Likewise, make sure the garden shed has a sturdy foundation. It should not be too muddy or filled with gravels. Always remember that sheds which are hidden away in some distant place will deteriorate, rot and eventually wear away. So, think of a good location for your beautiful garden shed.

Tip #2 – How Useful Should Your Shed be?

What Will You Do?

If you are an experienced gardener, who loves playing around with plants, shrubs, flowering plants and trees, you will find the idea of garden sheds extremely helpful. Conversely, if you have a wide playground you will have the wit to explore through a world of possibilities. When the garden shed has lots of space, you will be able to do a lot of productive things!

This is why you should search for an ideal location that is capable of being exceptionally useful. In addition to these artifacts, you should verify if the place has space for paving and pathways.

What will you use?

To any professional gardener or amateur enthusiast, the shed’s overall dimensions will be of utmost importance. This is why you should “size” the shed carefully. Two important factors tend to decide the size of garden sheds.

• The functional work surface should be devoured with lots of care and concern. Make sure the shed offers ample space for productive and efficient work. As the shed becomes bigger you can make it much more functional.

• Storage area is another important parameter that judges the size of garden sheds. If the shed is meant for storing trash and rarely used tools, you can make it as small as possible. Nevertheless, don’t compromise on the shed’s functional nature.

Tip #3 – Sheds That Live Through Different Weather Conditions

Moving on, you must make sure the shed is customized to live through different climates and weather conditions. A simple shed that is ought to be used as storage will not require many fancy inclusions.

To be honest, these sheds will not be visited frequently too! However, remember that the shed must not look unsightly. According to experts, you can do two different things to improve the natural outlook of your shed; without creating a massive mess.

• Some people tend to hide their sheds using plants. This is a green way of increasing the shed’s lively outlook. However, such sheds will require lots of maintenance. For instance, you should manage the size of these plants. Additionally, you should keep an eye on the kind of plants that cover the shed.

• Secondly, you can always hide the garden shed in an area that acquires very little traffic. Meanwhile, bear in mind that garden sheds that look like houses will add more value to your property. Hence, there is no need to hide the eye catchy structure.

Tip #4 – Choosing the Right Kind of Material

The Shed’s Body

Moving on, you must be very careful with the kind of material that is used to build the garden shed. Timber and softwood is regarded as a perfect choice for garden sheds. This can be attributed to the sturdy and ever-lasting nature of these materials. You can bolt softwood and timber together! And, as a combo these materials are capable of lasting up to two decades. While buying wood for your garden sheds, you should treat them. According to experts, carefully treated wood will enhance the overall lifespan of your shed.

The Shed’s Roof

Consequently, you must be very careful with the kind of roofing you choose. In most cases, the roofs should be made of waterproof asphalt sheets or roofing felts. These are simple materials that would last for several years. If you want the garden shed to look like a house, you must invest a predominant amount of money, time and effort on the roofs.

This is because roofs that cover houses should catch rainwater, protect the entire structure and take care of ventilation. These are three different types of roofing artifacts that require customized structures.

Tip #5 – Beautifully Decorated Sheds!

Last but certainly not least, try to decorate your garden shed. Summerhouses require different types of interiors; when compared against winter homes. Additionally, you can design modern garden sheds with architectural structures and decorative elements.

For instance, you can build garden sheds with aluminum, steel and wood detailing. These are enticing parameters that would increase the elegance and stylish nature of your garden storage shed! As you learn how to build garden sheds, you must keep these five tips in mind.