pop-up-storage-shedThere are some important things one should know about a pop up storage shed. Over the past few years, homes have become bigger and much more functional.  storage space has not decreased. This can be attributed to the presence of different types of storage shed structures. Most people tend to stick to conventional forms of storage like permanent backyard sheds and bike shelters.

Nevertheless, do you know that storage sheds can move with you? And, most travelers prefer portable, lightweight storage sheds over the traditional ones. With all this being said, are you wondering what portable storage sheds are? According to experts, pop up storage sheds have become the town’s trendiest and most user friendly forms of storage. A pop up storage shed makes a great example for tents, garages and carports that can be moved around easily.

8 Things You Need to Know About A Pop Up Storage Shed!

When you buy a pop up storage shed, you should focus on many important parameters. Here is a comprehensive insight through these artifacts.

Point #1 – They are Cheaper

According to homeowners, it is less expensive to buy pop up sheds over custom made ones. If you are someone who moves across homes frequently, these sheds will undeniably lend you a hand of help. After all, you don’t need to invest on a brand-new shed in your new house. This makes the pop up shed a useful investment.

Point #2 – They Can Be Used During Different Purposes

Secondly, do you know that pop up sheds can be used during as a part of entertainment activities? Apart from treating it as a perfect means of storage, these sheds will let you do a lot more. You can use it as a place for hosting parties and family get together sessions. Likewise, you can store bikes, cars and garbage cans inside the pop up storage sheds. Regardless of how harsh or bad the weather condition is, these sheds will protect your belongings. Though temporary these sheds are made of sturdy material.

Point #3 – You Should Decide on the Size

However, before you decide on a pop up shed, determine where and why you would use it! Some people consider pop up sheds as a part of their camping gears. Such people must go for stronger and slightly bigger sheds. Portability is often influenced by the size of the shed.

Conversely, keep a good eye on the size of the pop up shed. A perfectly sized shed will save you from unexpected disappointments and future investments. After all, if the shed becomes too small, you should invest on another pop up shed! Likewise, if your buy becomes too big, you must find a house for your shed!

Point #4 – How Long Should the Shed Last?

Moving on, you must be very careful with the tent’s material. Always remember that the lifetime of your shed will depend on its material! As you browse through the internet, you will come across different types of sheds that are made of diverse materials like polyester and resin. The construction material will have a prudent impact on the weight and strength of your pop up tent. And, as the tent becomes heavier, its price tag would increase too! Once again, the tent’s weight will determine its sturdiness, durability and portability.

Point #5 – Tent’s Covers and Frames

Next, you should do plenty of research on the tent’s covers and frames. Always decide on a structure that best works for you! Most homeowners tend to decide on pop up sheds with metallic frames. These sheds would add more color and value to any contemporary home.

Nevertheless, if your house has a traditional look, you must opt for wood-based pop up sheds. Meanwhile, verify if the shed requires frequent maintenance. Weather resistant tends with sturdy frames will require lessor maintenance than most conventional structures. This is a declarative statement made by ardent pop up tent owners. And, this makes steel-based pop up sheds one of the most famous choices amongst frequent travelers and homeowners.

Point #6 – They are UV Protected

Moving on, you should decide on a pop up storage shed that is capable of filtering harmful UV rays. This is an interesting point forgotten by many novice shed buyers. Even if your budget is predominantly low, good sheds that are UV protected will help you save more in the longer run. This can be attributed to the shed’s durable nature. Conversely, polyethylene and polyester make perfect choices for UV protected pop up sheds. Moreover, you can grow small shrubs and flowering plants inside these UV protected sheds.

Point #7 – You Can Build/Buy/Rent

Your very next consideration should be if you would hire, build or buy your very own pop up shed. There are plenty of DIY guides on how to build a pop up shed. Nevertheless, if you have very little (or no) time, you must approach a skilled professional. Unlike traditional sheds, small mistakes in constructing pop up storage sheds will affect the structure’s overall functionality. Few tips to be remembered while hiring a professional builder would be as follows:

• Make sure the builder knows your actual needs and wants.
• Tell the builder your actual and maximum budget. Always remember that there are plenty of pop up shed models, which range from few hundred dollars to several thousands!
• The builder should have several years of experience in building pop up sheds.
• The professional must be licensed to build pop up sheds. Browse through legit sites like the Better Business Bureau to know more about the company’s certifications, authentic nature and licensures.

Point #8 – Additional Gears!

Last but certainly not least, you should be prepared to invest on addition shed gears. Common accessories for storage sheds would be enclosure kits, anchor kits and side walls. These are interesting artifacts that would increase the functionality of your pop up shed.

Pop Up sheds prove to be useful in many ways. Always bear in mind that these sheds will be handy and useful in the long run! Nevertheless, you should decide on a shed that best suits your needs.