building-a-cedar-garden-shedEver since the inception of mankind, wood has acquired many predominant purposes! From furniture to homes, wood can be seen almost anywhere and everywhere. Consequently, the need for wood based sheds has increased remarkably over the past few years. This can be attributed to the classy look and elegant features of wood sheds. And it is quite interesting to note that cedar sheds have become extremely famous amongst novice shed builders! Cedar garden sheds can be used to store different types of gardening tools and firewood. When compared against many other types of wood varieties, cedar proves to be affordable, accessible and readily available. With all these being said, how will you build garden sheds using cedar? Are you banging your head against the wall with this question? If yes, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help. Here are nine steps on how to build a cedar garden shed that would last for a very long time!

9 Steps To Building A Cedar Garden Shed

These nine steps are very easy to follow. Read them carefully, go over them twice if needed, to ensure you get through this process without breaking a sweat!

Step #1 – Find the Right Kind of Materials

First of all, you should get hold of few important materials. This en covers over essential gears like chain saws, measuring tapes, galvanized metal roofing materials, axe, levels, coping saw, screws, long nails, shovels, cinder blocks, crosscut hand saws and carpenter’s hammer!

Step #2 – Chopping Cedar

To build a garden shed using cedar, you should get ahold of thick cedar pieces. Generally, you should cut down at least four huge cedar trees using a good chain saw. As the cedar trees fall, you must chop them into sensibly sized pieces. For instance, each tree log should range between 5 feet and 10 feet. Anything bigger than these figures will be difficult to handle! Additionally, cut some 1 foot to 1 ½ feet long logs too! These logs can be used to fill gaps in the cedar garden shed. Meanwhile, remember that the logs should be shaped perfectly. Branches that protrude from the lengthy logs should be removed using a sharp axe.

Step #3 – Placing Cedar

Now, you should place the cedar logs in the right position. The blocks should be aligned with the holes facing the lower ground surface. Before you place the cedar blocks, find a perfect location for the garden shed. The ground area must be leveled properly. Conversely, dig a neat square trench for the cedar blocks. According to experts, the square shaped trench must be at least 4 feet deep. Once the trench gets dug, you must fill it with vertical cedar blocks. The cedar blocks should be placed one-after-the-other to prevent the formation of gaps.

Step #4 – Find the Notches

Now, it’s time to cut notches! A sensible size for notches would be 6-inches. The notches can be cut from the 5 foot logs. Always remember that each notch should be at least 4 inches deep. And, you can use the notches to create a flag if required. Some builders tend to chop off extra portions from the notches to create a smooth and even surface. Additionally, remember that there should be notches on both sides of the log! This is a very important point forgotten by many novice garden shed builders.

Step #5 – Setting Up Logs!

Apart from the 6-inch notches, you should prepare notches using the 1 ½ foot logs too! Use a sharp axe to chop two 6-inch notches from a log. Just like the notches from step 3, each notch from the 1 ½ foot log must be 4 inches deep. And, a flat surface should be created for the flag on one end. These logs must not overlap with one another. And, remove extra portions from the notches using a clean axe. Always try to get a surface that is reasonably flat and smooth. Well, this might seem tacky. However, the final look and strength of your cedar garden shed will depend on these small efforts.

Step #6 – All About Placement

The very next step revolves around placement. Here, you should start with the 1 ½ foot log. The 1 ½ foot log should be placed in the shed’s front end. The notches must face upwards. As you lay the 5-foot logs, the notches must overlap with the 1 ½ foot logs carefully. To be more precise, the notches from both the logs should intersect at the right corner.

Step #7 – The Corners

Similarly, the 1 ½ foot log and 5 foot logs should be placed around the left corner. As mentioned previously, notch from the left side of the garden shed should intersect with the 1 ½ foot log’s notch. The alignment might take some time. However, a perfectly aligned shed will last for a very long time! Moreover, most cedar garden sheds are built to stay permanently.

Step #8 – Roofing

Finally, you should build a perfect roof for your cedar garden shed! You can always opt for a wood-based roof. While constructing the roof, remember to primer it with the right kind of products. Roofs that are painted and nurtured properly will last for several decades. This is a statement declared by personal experience. And, the roofing material should be sloped carefully. For instance, rain water should slope down the roof without any hassles or tussles. Likewise, the roofing material must be nailed onto the top rear log without creating any cracks. If there are overlaps, make sure there are no gaps! Since, water can seep into the cedar garden shed through these openings.

Step #9 – Finishing Touch

Building a cedar garden shed is more or less an interesting art! As potential builders you should make a checklist of all that is required and optional. A comprehensive list that separates important artifacts from the rest will definitely help you make an informed decision. Here are few important elements from a cedar garden shed building plan:

• Identify the sole purpose of the cedar garden shed.

• Identify a sensible and affordable budget for the project.

• Identify a perfect location for the garden shed.

• Check if everything has to be done by you or if certain components can be purchased.

• Check if the shed should last forever or only for few short months.