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Are you trying to figure out how to build a lawn mower storage shed? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Over the past few years, lawn mowers and lawn tractors have become an integral part of any household. The essential gear tends to re-create picture perfect lawns. Unfortunately, lawn mowers are not beautiful gadgets! You cannot store them in open space or leave them unattended. This can be attributed to the need for proper lawn mower storage sheds. Just like many other construction structures, you should devise a perfect plan before building lawn mower storage sheds. The exquisite DIY project must be carried out with lots of care and concern. And, if you are running short of resources, you should be very careful with your budget and design plan!

Build a Lawn Mower Storage Shed

It is quite interesting to note that most people forget to think about storage when they buy riding mowers or lawn tractors! Just like the gardening tool, proper storage becomes inevitable. If your lawn mower distributor fails to question you about storage, you should ask them in person and resolve all gaps! This is because different types of lawn mowers require customized (special) kinds of storage units. And, you should be aware of these storage entities before making a final pick. A poorly stored lawn mower will not last for a very long time! And, you may end up investing several thousand dollars on an equipment that is ought to be left out under the sun and rain. With all these being said, what are the top ways to build a lawn mower storage shed? Read on, to find an answer to this question.

Choosing the Right Size

First of all, you should identify the size of the lawn mower storage shed you wish to build. This is one of the finest and very first questions you must ask yourself. As you raise this question, few other queries will flow in! For instance, when you know the size of the lawn mower storage shed, you will know where it has to be placed. Consequently, you will be able to calibrate how much the shed would cost.

Lawn mowers with the ride-on feature, comes in different sizes and shapes. The cheapest and most affordable one would be Weed Eater One! The Weed Eater One is less than 81cm wide. Consequently, it has the dimension to fit through any garden gate. Unfortunately, Weed Eater One is one-of-its-kind! Very rarely will you come across a lawn mower that is this small. For instance, John Dere’s X700 Series starts at a width of 163 cm. This makes Dere’s products the town’s most expensive releases. And, you should invest few more dollars on a perfect lawn mower storage shed to protect these units.

On the whole, the lawn mower storage shed should accommodate the riding mower or tractor without any hassles or tussles. And, if you wish to buy few more mowers or upgrade to a better model, the shed should comprise of features to support these changes. Also, you must take into consideration other attachments and accessories that would (or should) be stored in the shed. Hence, you must draft a careful lawn mower storage shed plan that would suffice all your requirements perfectly.

A Shed for Everything!

When you build a lawn mower storage shed, ensure if it has other purposes related with it! Some individuals tend to treat these sheds as small spaces for workshops. If there is plenty of room inside the storage shed, you can use it to perform different types of maintenance chores and inspections. Nevertheless, you must remember certain points while building storage sheds with extended uses:

• Ensure there is plenty of space for the other tasks! For example, there must be space for the belts, jacks, lawn tractor power lifts and blades.

• If you want an inspection pit, you should be prepared to shed some extra dollars. A prudent amount of money should be invested on the pit!

• While converting the lawn mower storage shed to a maintenance unit, you should invest on proper lighting. Novice builders tend to forget this important point! If your lawn mower storage shed is not properly illuminated, you may end up walking into it with a touch light every day. And, if the room’s lighting is not done properly, you will not be able to work in it comfortably and safely.

A Picture Perfect Ambience

If you wish to build a simple lawn mower storage shed, you should spend some time and figure out how the area around your shed would be! This is because there will be special, unavoidable occasions when the machine should be jacked out for servicing, belt changes and blade amendments. During such stances, the surrounding must not turn into an obstacle. Additionally, remember to set some space inside the storage shed, where you can easily maneuver it! Always bear in mind that some lawn mowers have characteristics that require more space than the rest. When you build a lawn mower storage shed, you should give more priority to these artifacts.

Double Doors Versus Single doors!

According to experienced lawn mower shed builders, you should design structures with a double door entrance. When compared against single door sheds, the latter proves to be convenient and easy to maintain. This is because you can enter into the shed without much obstructions. Also, you can fold the door over and over again without worrying about the riding tractor’s actual width. To build a lawn mower storage shed that folds perfectly, you should put together a perfect (or rather flawless) design. This is because constant folding would result in wear & tear problems.

A Brief Overview!

Here is a quick summary on how you should build a lawn mower storage shed:

• First of all, you should plan and budget in advance. Don’t wait for last minute scheming and strategy planning.

• The lawn mower shed should be big enough to hold the tractor and its accessories.

• The shed should be placed in a safe and convenient place. It should not induce problems to anything nearby!