bicycle-storage-shedAre you planning to build a bicycle storage shed? Are you sick of all old strategies that sound and look boring? Do you want to get crazy by building a trendy bicycle shed that would last for years? If yes, consider yourself pretty lucky! Just like lawn improvement and holiday decoration, building a bicycle shed is a recreational task that involves the entire family and many enticing household gears. There are many benefits in building your very own bicycle storage. Conversely, some parameters should be remembered before you put up a storage shed. In the next few lines, you will get a comprehensive insight through these crucial parameters.

Factors To Consider When Building A Bicycle Storage Shed

Building your own storage shed for your bikes can be done the easy way, or hard way. I don’t know about you, but I always prefer the easy method. So, if you’re stuck on where to start, not to worry, these tips can point you in the right direction. And in no time, you should have your bicycle storage shed awaiting for your bikes to be stored safely.

Pick a Good Material

First of all, make sure you decide on the right kind of materials. According to experts, the material you pick will influence the shed’s design and durability. Especially because bicycle storage sheds are outdoor units. Hence, the material must be easy to maintain and strong. It should have the ability to resist critical weather conditions like rain, storm, snow and wind. Additionally, the decision of bicycle storage shed material must depend on how resistant it is to vermin. This is a mighty villain that reduces the number of options certain people have!

Have you ever wondered how expensive a timber-based bicycle shed would cost? When it comes to ease and creativity, timber is one of the finest materials you can choose! However, remember that timber doesn’t come at free price. If you have a hefty budget with lots of scope for expansion, you may go for timber. On the other hand, bear in mind that timber is susceptible to dangerous termites. Thus, your timber-based bicycle storage sheds should be maintained periodically.

A popular option for bicycle storage sheds would be “Plastic”. This is an interesting material that will make your shed portable. According to novice homeowners, plastic kits are easy to install and would last for a very long time. Though plastic sheds for bicycles suffer wear and tear issues, they prove to be a sensible investment. Nevertheless, plastic sheds may not look great, especially after several years of constant usage. If you have a small budget and a petite lawn, it would be wise to decide on plastic bicycle sheds.

A Good, Strong Foundation!

While building bicycle storage sheds, you must focus on a strong, solid foundation. Make sure the shed is built on firm grounds. According to ardent builders, the search for an ideal location is easier said than done. Just like the shed’s materials, you must devour lots of care & concern on where the shed has to be located. The location must be convenient and easily accessible. Small bicycle storage sheds can be built near the rear end of your home. These sheds will help you remove bikes in an effortless manner. Also, remember that the shed should be placed in a location that makes maintenance easy.

Rightly Sized Bicycle Storage Sheds

Typically, a bicycle storage shed would range between 6ft to 10ft. There must be adequate amounts of space for storage and movement. Hence, anything less than 6ft will reduce the shed’s functional nature. The bond between size and location is indispensable. If you have a spacious location in mind, you can always decide on a huge shed with many enticing features. On the other hand, if you don’t have sufficient amounts of land area, you should compromise on a simple, small shed.

How Many Bikes Do You Own?

Moving on, the kind of bicycle shed you build will be influenced by the number of bikes you ought to store! The days when homes had 1-3 bikes are gone! Today, it is quite easy to come across homes with many fancy, and expensive bicycles. This can be attributed to the need for perfect bicycle sheds. Plan a shed that would accommodate all your bikes. Likewise, remember that the bicycle storage is meant for other things too. The shed should have sufficient amounts of space for other paraphernalia like helmets, tools, waterproofs and pumps. If your bicycle comes with maintenance kits, you should be able to store these in your shed too. Some people tend to build bicycle sheds with space for books and few flowering plants. Irrespective of these paraphernalia, bear in mind that the bicycle should be placed on firm ground level. This adds to convenience and maintenance of bikes.

Focus on Safety

One of your biggest concerns while building a bicycle storage shed should be “Safety”. If you value your bike, you must revolve around strategies that would make the shed safe and secure. According to experts, bicycle storage sheds should be at sight and dry. Never decide on locations that are far away from your house. A highly secure bike shed should be your utmost priority. Conversely, you can install security rated locks and opt for metal-based sheds.

Stylish Sheds

Moving on, bicycle storage sheds can be styled based on your ambience and needs. Regardless of the material you choose or the location you have, there are several ways by which you can style your shed. The style you choose must fall in line with your home’s architecture and personal taste. For instance, you can choose between traditional roofs, slanting roofs with shingles or pent solar sheds. The “Apex” is one of the most conventional forms of roofing you can pick.

Extendable Sheds

Last but certainly not least, you can go for extendable sheds. Never expect your bike sheds to be of the same size for several decades. Thus, opt for a design that can be expanded easily. For example, you should be able to install storage kits and special gears effortlessly.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, to build a bicycle storage shed is a challenging task that revolves around many important parameters. From location to security to convenience to size to materials, you must focus on many things before kick starting construction. Also, if you have a garden, check if the bicycle shed would add more color and panache to it!