garbage-storage-shedBuilding the perfect sized garbage storage shed will give you plenty of room to store your garbage cans. “Rubbish”, “Trash” and “Junk” are three common words heard in and around any neighborhood! It is quite interesting to note that all homes produce junk; but only few homes are capable of managing them in style. This can be attributed to the installation of garbage can storage sheds.

According to experienced homeowners, garbage cans will be an added advantage in your house. Classy garbage can sheds may seem expensive; however, they will add more value to your house.

8 Steps to Building A Perfectly Sized Garbage Can Storage Shed

Even a garbage shed that is not big enough to accommodate every other can in your house serves an exquisite purpose. With all this being said, how will you build a perfectly sized garbage storage shed? Are you breaking your head with this question? If yes, then sit back, relax and read on!

Step #1 – Find a Good Site For Your Shed

First of all, you should identify a good site for your garbage can shed. Make sure the place is accessible, by default clean and unpolluted! The site will have a massive impact on the kind of shed you build. Always verify if the soil or ground is prone to rust, rot and pests. If yes, you should steer away from such grounds. Likewise, don’t build garbage can sheds on moist surfaces. Such environments will reduce the lifetime of your trash can storage shed. Instead, look for places that are even, sturdy and warm.

Step #2 – Measure The Site

Secondly, you should measure the site that is ought to be prepared for your garbage shed. The peak, length and width of the site should be measured. Always remember that the shed is supposed to store trash. Hence, a wider shed will be ideal at all times. Also, don’t try to stack one can over the other in your garbage storage shed. This is because poorly handled garbage may drop at any time and create a massive mess.

Step #3 – Prepare the Site

Moving on, you should prepare the site carefully. This is one of the most tedious yet important tasks in the process of building a perfectly sized garbage storage shed. As mentioned previously, you should level the land, clear away weeds and remove rocks. You can build the shed on hard soil or over concrete blocks.

Remember that garbage can storage sheds don’t require a firm foundation. These sheds can be built on almost any surface that is sturdy and steadfast. If you are extremely careful about the shed’s foundation, build it on four corner rocks or bricks.

Step #4 – Search For Platforms or Pallets

Now, you should hunt for free platforms or charged pallets. There are plenty of local businesses with used platforms. You can always opt for a second hand platform. Generally, you must get hold of 6 to 8 platforms. The number of platforms required will depend on the size of your garbage can shed and location.

According to experts, you must hunt for platforms that are strong and beautiful! Wooden platforms will undeniably add more panache to your home. Likewise, plan the number of platforms required based on the type of junk produced in your house! Some people tend to have separate platforms for spare wood, used clothes and waste newspapers.

Step #5 – Align the Platforms

Conversely, place the platforms next to one another. At least two platforms should be arranged subsequently. To screw the platforms together, you should make use of screws and nails. Two to four inch screws will help you connect the pallets securely.

In case you don’t come across second hand platforms, you can build your very own frame. A garbage storage shed that measures 24 x 33 inches can house up to three 32 gallon cans. Conversely, you should extend the width and height of your trash can storage shed by moving the side frames. Several frames can be connected together using screws, nails and glue. As you hook up the frames/pallets/platforms, you will see a partition in between each system.

Conversely, you should connect the pallets to the foundation. During this step, you must determine if your shed is ought to be a temporary or permanent one! If you want the shed to remain there for several decades, the pallets must be attached to the foundation using clamps. On the other hand, temporary trash can storage sheds should be hooked to the foundation using 2 to 4 inch screws. Repeat this step to attach all the pallets to the foundation!

Step #6 – Constructing Aspect Wall Arms

If you want a strong garbage can storage shed, you should construct an aspect wall arm. Attach a thick strip of timber from the rear pallet to the base. Position the arm at a tilted angle. Consequently, you should connect the aspect wall supporting arm at a different angle. The supporting arms should connect the pallets and the rear wall proficiently. These arms will strengthen the wall pallets and reinforce the foundation. You can have as many rear arms as required. However, make sure they don’t ruin the ultimate outlook of your trash can storage shed.

Step #7 – Paint the Storage Shed

Last but certainly not least, you should paint the storage shed. According to experts, it would be wise to invest on dark shades like brown, grey and black for storage can sheds. This is because the shed would become dirty in few short days! Likewise, give the shed a perfect lid. Second hand platforms and pallets tend to come with lids. However, if you are ought to build your very own frame, remember to hinge a lid onto the structure. This ends the steps in building a perfectly sized garbage storage shed.

Step #8 – Careful Maintenance

On the whole, you can build a trash can storage shed in few short hours. Before you start constructing the shed, try to get hold of all important gears and materials. A well planned process will remove many hassles and tussles from your shoulders. Meanwhile, don’t forget to maintain the garbage shed periodically. Careful maintenance will increase the lifetime of your shed predominantly.