8x12-shed-plans-with-porchAre you planning to build your very first storage shed? Are you searching for cool looking 8×12 shed plans with a porch? Do you want simple DIY tutorials and guides that will help make you the town’s finest looking storage shed? Luckily, you can achieve such things. Since a small inclusion to your existing shed plan will enhance its functionality, outward appearance and value. Style, function, and the ability to keep clutter mess to a minimum, is some of the reasons why home owners opt to have storage sheds.

Why Do You Need Porches?

As mentioned previously, porches will make your shed attractive and truly functional. It can elevate the net worth of your property by several hundreds of dollars. However, you should plan of including a porch before the basic drawing of your project is completed. This is because porches require space, careful material management and a perfect style. It is the very first area anyone would notice in your house. So, shed plans with porches must be drafted with lots of care & concern.

Why Do you Need Good Plans?

The shed plan must make sure every portion of the porch is used fully. It is quite interesting to note that most porches in fancy 8×12 storage shed plans are rarely used. This proves the inefficient nature of the shed plan. The porch must be a place where you can sit, relax, host parties and engage in small gatherings. It must be an area where you can stay away from the sun. Due to its advantageous nature, every penny you spend on a front porch will be worth. So, don’t think twice when you are ought to build an 8×12 storage shed with porch.

Why Do You Need Expandable Plans?

When you search for 8×12 shed plans, verify if it has room for expansion. According to experienced builders, most homeowners come up with new inclusions after two to three months. Poorly designed plans will not let you engage in such alterations. That’s why you must analyze carefully and do lots of homework before opting for a 8×12 storage shed plan. The structure should be built with slots for add-on features like swings, pots, wall hangers, roof hangers and light fittings. Such sophisticated artifacts will undeniably make your storage shed a small safe haven!

The Appeal of Building 8×12 Storage Sheds with Porches

Do you know that 8×12 storage sheds have the ability to lure and attract people? Its curb appeal is something very few people can resist. The verandahs and porches in storage sheds can speak home to so many individuals. It will boost the sense of style and functionality in any building. The appeal of these storage sheds will likely also raise property value too.

8 x 12 Shed Plans With Porch – 7 Steps

According to experienced builders, a small porch in any storage shed proves to be predominantly useful. Practically, sheds with porches will help you do many other things. With all that being said, how will you build an 8×12 storage shed with porch? The next section will give you a quick review on how to build storage sheds. These are seven critical stages in building any kind of storage shed! Read on, to find out to how to build this cool looking shed in seven simple steps.

Step 1 – A Good Spot For Your Shed

A good storage shed with porches will require plenty of floor space. Thus, you should identify a good spot for the shed. The location must be accessible and ideal for storage sheds. It must comprise of compact soil, without any rocks, gravels or mud. Once you identify such a place, pull together the beams. Like conventional buildings, small 8×12 sheds begin with the beams.

The beams should be pressured treated and placed evenly on ground level. Verify if there are any gaps between pressure treated beams. Conversely, the beams must be parallel and predominantly straight. Once the beams are perfectly aligned and fixed, you should frame the shed’s floor area.

Step 2 – Flooring Your Shed

In most cases, flooring is a tacky process that requires more money and effort. Thick pieces of lumber must be used to put together to build a strong floor. According to experts, even the floor joists must be made of lumber pieces. The lumber sheets must be connected together using the joists. This stage is termed as “Floor Decking”. Careful floor decking will enhance the overall lifetime of your shed.

Step 3 – Building the Shed’s Walls

Now, it’s time to build the shed’s walls. Porches don’t require complete walls. However, remember to include grails and rails around the porch. Small inclusions will add more style and class to your shed. The porch should have a secure boundary (preferably made of timber lumber).

Step – 4 – The Doors and Windows

The very next step revolves around the shed’s doors and windows. Don’t include many openings in the small framework. Instead, plan the number of doors & windows carefully. A 8×12 storage shed should have at least one window and at most three windows. Anything more than this number will be meaningless! Nevertheless, as designers and DIY builders, you have the freedom to fine tune the number of openings in your storage shed.

Step – 5 – External Floor Decking

Once basic layout preferences and designs are established, you must raise the walls and take care of external floor decking. Use high end gears and tools to accomplish this task. At all times, bear in mind that the walls, floors, doors and window frames should be nailed/screwed together securely.

Step – 6 – Roofing

Consequently, you should focus on roofing! Cool styled 8×12 shed plans with porches will have amazing roof structures. The roofing framework must cover the shed’s porch too. This is an interesting point that makes the process of building 8×12 sheds challenging. The roof’s center should be chosen with lots of care and concern. Once the roof’s position is identified, you should lay the trusses and shingles.

Step – 7 – Decorate Your Shed

Finally, decorate your shed with flower pots and small cactuses. Place chairs and tables in the storage shed’s porch. These are inviting elements that would attract visitors, guests, kids and elders towards your DIY, cool looking 8 x 12 storage shed!