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Small chicken coop plans that have the look of a barn is a very unique and intriguing building project to take on. Obviously, chickens need a place to make their home. Do you wish to add more charm and panache to your little chicken coop that looks and feels like a barn? Are you ready to invest on stylish coops, which would delight your little ones remarkably? If yes, this article will definitely lend you a hand of help. There are several different types of chicken coops with a distinctive barn look. As potential investors, you can customize these coops in accordance with your needs and wants. Conversely, here are few interesting small chicken coop plans that can be implemented in an effortless and straightforward manner.

Small Chicken Coop Plans That Look & Feel like Barns!

These 16 steps will help you plan your small sized chicken coop that has the look of a barn in no time! You’ll also have to be prepared to invest some money if you want the best chicken coup for your chickens. If you’ve already invested money in chickens, then it’s best to invest in a really good coop that will be reliable for them to live in.

Coop #1 – Hobbit Homes

Most pet owners admire the look and feel of small hobbit homes. Do you know that you can build astounding hobbit homes that appear like barns? These homes can be decorated to suit your preferences and traits. For instance, if you love flowers and dark shades, you can build a hobbit shaped coop with the foremost features.

Coop #2 – The Real Barns

One of the cheapest types of chicken coops on the market would be the barn-shaped ones. It is quite interesting to note that many plastic and metallic coops are sold on the market. These coops can be installed and brought down at any hour! This makes them the town’s most user friendly chicken coops.

Coop #3 – Barns and Steps

Barn shaped coops with steps have become a trendy choice amongst many homeowners. These are expensive structures that require lots of care and maintenance. Generally, a simple chicken coop that has steps and looks like a barn would range between 1400 USD to 3000 USD. And, according to ardent pet owners, it is quite impossible to maintain chicken coops with duplex frameworks.

Coop #4 – Red Chicken Homes

Research states that chickens love anything that is red in color. Thus, you can convert their majestic home into a red school! As you paint the entire coop red, you will see many chickens march in close congregation. This proves the bond between chickens and red-based shades.

Coop #5 – Railroad Coops

If you are prepared to invest few extra dollars on chicken coops, try to build two or more barn-shaped coops. Technically, these are known as railroad coops. As suggested by its name, there will be two or more chicken coops of different sizes.

Coop #6 – A Family Home

Just like human beings, chickens tend to live in small families. If you are concerned about this petite yet enticing emotion, you must put together a family home for your chickens. These are barn-shaped homes with double garages, perks, garbage collection units and fenced yards.

Coop #7 – Prehab!

“Prehab” is one of the trendiest inclusions into the list of barn-styled chicken coops. These coops are meant for minimalistic chickens that demand for very little space! On the whole, you can have two chickens in a prehab. Thus, you should be very careful with the kind of prehab you pick.

Coop #8 – Rooftop Homes

Are you an ardent rooftop gardener with lots of space in your terrace? If yes, you will definitely understand the need for beautiful roof top chicken coops. When compared against many other chicken houses, these structures are simple and easy to install. Additionally, the portable units can be moved around without any hassles or tussles.

Coop #9 – Pottery Barn Inspired Coops

The list of small chicken coop plans will remain incomplete without “Pottery Barn Inspired Coops”. These are amazing structures that have plenty of light and air! When built with the right amounts of sunlight, your chickens will love to perch in at all times.

Coop #10 – Anthropologic Inspired Chicken Homes

An antique barn-shaped chicken house would be the “Anthropologic Inspired Chicken Homes”. These houses have an exquisite yet lavish look. According to pet dealers, you must spend at least 2500 USD for a picture perfect anthropologic chicken house. And, you must shade the house with lots of care & concern.

Coop #11 – Teepee

“Teepee” shaped chicken barns are classy structures for homes with few chickens. The triangle unit will let you store and grab chickens easily! Moreover, you don’t need to make a hefty investment on these small chicken houses. Usually, a single “Teepee” will cost you from 100 USD to 900 USD.

Coop #12 – Lofty Chicken Coop

If you have spent several thousand dollars on beautiful chickens, you must be prepared to invest few more thousands on a lofty chicken coop. These are massive structures that offer chickens a panoramic view of the entire city. With oversized bath areas and huge wall to wall windows, these coops will give your chickens a royal dwelling.

Coop #13 – Geodesic Homes

A very new inclusion into the list of chicken coops would be “Geodesic Homes”. These are small enclosed structures with environmental benefits. According to experts, Geodesic Homes require very little amount of energy. These are meant for chickens with sensitive features.

Coop #14 – Victorian Styled Homes

A traditional chicken coop with many eye catchy elements would be the “Victorian Styled” houses. These are some of the most expensive structures with elite yet interesting features. Victorian Styled chicken houses require lots of space and air. Hence, you must get hold of these plans only if you have a lavish (big) backyard.

Coop #15 – Chapel

Similarly, you can opt for “Chapel” styled homes for your chickens. Just like the Victorian Styled Homes, these houses require lots of space and money. A neatly designed chapel shaped house will definitely give your house an edgy look. Nevertheless, you must be prepared for frequent maintenance and renovation. After all, chickens will not be able to take care of their homes!

Coop #16 – New Orleans Style Row Houses

Moving on, you can invest on “New Orleans Style Row Houses”. These are supreme structures, known for its durable and sturdy nature. When compared against many other chicken houses, New Orleans Style Row Homes have a classy and colorful look.

On the whole, you can handpick chicken houses from many options! Based on your needs and budget, you can build a perfect home for your little friends.