Image Credit: Jan Ainali

Bike lovers need their own motorcycle storage shed. Bikes are very precious to any motorcycle riding enthusiast! Motorcycle storage is something you cannot ponder and wonder at all times! Regardless of whether you live in the city or a rural region, you should frame a perfect kind of storage for your motorcycle. The shed should protect your much loved motorcycle from harsh weather conditions, pests, pets and intruders. And, luckily, the process of building a motorcycle storage shed is easier done than said! In this article, you will get a comprehensive insight on how to build a perfect home for your motorcycle. Read on and enjoy building a motorcycle storage shed. Even if you are a novice builder, this write up will lend you a hand of help on all the tips you need in building a motorcycle storage shed for beginners.

Building a Motorcycle Storage Shed

Do you know that you don’t require pre-constructional skills or experience to build a motorcycle shed? All that the process needs would be a perfect plan and some time. According to experienced constructors, novice builders can put together a picture perfect motorcycle storage shed in 3 to 9 hours! The time required will depend on your design and materials. If you plan to include many features and options in your storage shed, you should be prepared to spend few extra hours. On the contrary, a simple shed with nominal options can be built in a swift manner.

Engage in Research & Homework

Before you build a motorcycle storage shed, you should do some research and homework. Analyze through the laws and regulations in your town. This is because most cities have zoning laws for any type of construction. Big or small, you should abide to these rules. Prior investigation will prevent you from breaking important rules. In case you are ought to violate a rule, you should complete required paperwork and procedures. In most regions, home owners should get hold of an approved building permit before they construct the motorcycle shed. Nevertheless, remember that the rules and regulations would vary from one region to another. If your motorcycle shed doesn’t follow these rules, authorities might ask you to tear the project down.

What you Want is What you Get

Secondly, you should identify the kind of motorcycle storage shed you wish to build! Some people prefer huge sheds with many fancy features. While, others opt for simple sheds that would safeguard the motorcycle properly. As ardent motorcycle owners, you should plan on a structure that would add more value to your house and bike! The shed should not ruin the stunning look of your bike.

An Everlasting Shed!

Moving on, do you want a shed that would last for several centuries? Or, are you planning to build a temporary shed that would be demolished and re-built after some time? Or, are you planning to store many other things along with your bike? These are important questions that will help you determine the kind of shed to be built. No one wants to invest money and build something that would not meet their requirements completely. And, if you are ought to construct a permanent motorcycle shed, you should start with a solid foundation. The foundation must be extremely strong and durable. In simpler terms, it should be designed to hold your bike forever!

A Good Foundation

A strong foundation will definitely force you to spend lots of money. In fact, this is one of the most expensive investments you would make while building a bike storage shed. However, the strong foundation will save you from many stressful experiences in the long run. For instance, the foundation will make sure your shed combats against various elements of nature and man in a pristine manner. Conversely, you should begin with a good ground plan. Never build a motorcycle storage shed on rocky grounds. Instead, clear the ground and lay a clean platform for the shed. This is an important tip to be followed even if you are not planning to dig a firm foundation.

Always decide on a flat surface that is smooth and “even”. If possible, add a layer of concrete and brick to give more support to your motorcycle storage shed. Meanwhile, remember that the shed should not be built in a place where there are lots of cables and pipes! If the ground location has many pipes/cables, you should invest more time and money safeguarding these elements. Thus, to be in the safer side, choose a place that is more or less clean & flat.

It’s Time to build!

Once the foundation gets sorted, you should start building the shed! Now, it’s time to think about the materials and design. You can choose from different types of materials like metal, wood and fiber. Always decide on a material that would seal water away from your motorcycle shed. This is an important parameter that has to be taken into consideration while deciding on a material for your shed. Similarly, you should adhere to mechanisms that would treat and protect your shed in the long run. For example, if you make use of wood, you should pressure treat it carefully. This will increase the lifespan of wood by nearly two folds.

Plan a Perfect Structure with High Roofs and Strong Walls

Also, you should decide on the right amount of headroom for your motorcycle shed. Generally, the shed should be around 6-7 feet high. Anything less will make your motorcycle shed small! According to experts, the shed should be built just as high as a conventional door. Once you have these decisions being made, you must build the shed’s outer walls and roof.

It is quite fascinating to note that motorcycle sheds can be treated as a connection of strong walls. As you identify the dimension of each wall, you should nail them together! Finally, the roof has to be placed over the wall. It would be wise to set-up a sloped roof that is neatly decorated.

Ultimate Bottom Line

Motorcycle storage sheds may seem like a very big project. However, a well built shed will certainly give more room for your bike. Apart from the motorcycle, you can use it to store many other amenities too!