aluminum-storage-shedsThere are some perks and privileges to owning aluminum storage sheds. The popularity of storage sheds have increased remarkably over the past few years. It is quite interesting to note that the kind of storage structures built outdoors depends on many factors. In most cases, the storage shed is customized by the amount of money and effort put by the homeowner. There are several different types of sheds in the market.

Conversely, the most common and widely used ones are made of wood, plastic and metal materials. With that being said, the race of aluminum storage sheds has emerged successful recently. It has become a famous choice amongst individuals with hefty budgets.

Is It Worth Having Aluminum Storage Sheds?

So, what would be the pros in owning a metal storage shed? In this short but detailed write up, you will get a comprehensive insight into the characteristic traits of an aluminum storage shed. Regards of what type of shed material you plan to use, it’s always wise to be as informative as possible on the differences between wood, plastic, and metal.

Benefit #1 – Extended Affordability

One of the most important and significant factors that give aluminum storage sheds an upper hand over their wooden counterparts would be “Affordability”. When compared against traditional timber based storage sheds, large aluminum-based ones are cheaper. As mentioned previously, budget is a mighty factor that controls the decisions made by most homeowners. In terms of size and shape, aluminum sheds prove to be a lot more affordable and available.

Benefit #2 – Thumb Rule – Weightlessness

Modern homeowners consider “Weightlessness” as a thumb rule in many situations. Consequently, they are more likely to search for storage sheds that are lightweight. The structures must be easily portable. Most distributors offer flat-packed, lightweight structures that can be moved around in an effortless manner.

This clearly means that you don’t require any additional support while transporting the shed. Lightweight also means that you can store the aluminum shed almost anywhere.

According to ardent users, aluminum sheds don’t require more than 1 foot space for storage. This proves the shed’s compact and portable nature.

Benefit #3 – Better Strength and Sturdiness

Regardless of how weak and lightweight the aluminum storage sheds are, you can rely on its strength and sturdiness. When compared against wood-based sheds, the aluminum ones are predominantly strong. The structures have a firm base and erect framework.

Luckily, the sturdy storage sheds can be assembled effortlessly too. All that you require would be some galvanized steel screws, a screwdriver and instruction leaflet. Generally, the aluminum storage sheds are sold with essential equipment. Hence, you don’t need to engage in any preparatory work. What more could a novice DIYer ask for?

Benefit #4 – Its All About Robustness

According to experienced storage shed builders, the aluminum sheds are light but exceptionally robust. This is regarded as one of the finest selling points in these sheds. It is quite interesting to note that aluminum storage sheds are too strong to be damaged. You must put in lots of effort to bring down an aluminum shed (or any metal-based shed)!

The metallic reinforcement in these sheds are fine tuned to offer extended amounts of support. This is why many shed owners rejoice in building aluminum storage sheds. These buildings can last for several decades or even longer.

Benefit #5 – Longer Warranties

Do you know that aluminum storage sheds come with long warranties? Generally, you will come across sheds with warranties that range between ten to twenty-five years. To be more precise, renowned manufacturers will give you amazing maintenance plans and services. This is why most homeowners go for metal storage sheds. These sheds will be of top-notch durability and quality.

And, to make things a lot more interesting, you can opt for special kinds of sheds with galvanized layers of steel. When it comes to storage sheds, most homeowners daunt the idea of “maintenance”. They fear the idea of spending several hours cleaning the small building.

Luckily, aluminum storage sheds can remove this daunting chore from your shoulders. This is because the galvanized layer is capable of fighting against the effects of snow and rain.

Consequently, this reduces the risks of rust formation. By default, the protective layer would onset the chances of corrosion and make sure your storage shed lasts for a very long time. Nevertheless, remember to repaint the shed once in a while (occasional maintenance will save you from hefty, unforeseen expenditures).

Benefit #6 – No More Foundation!

Moving on, do you know that aluminum storage sheds don’t require any foundation? In conventional sheds, the foundation would be expensive to plan, design and setup. In fact, the foundation would require lots of time and effort to be completed. This is when aluminum storage sheds, which can be laid on flat surfaces become useful.

As you come across a flat surface, you will have the wit to pull together a strong, every-lasting storage shed. Meanwhile, bear in mind that huge sheds will require a bigger and better foundation with strong anchors.

Benefit #7 – Safe & Secure

In case you are prepared to shed few extra dollars, you can always go for metal sheds with a strong metal base! These structures come with many fittings that would make the shed safe and secure. For instance, Aluminum sheds pose no fire hazards to the homeowner or user.

The metal is extremely fire retardant and should reach very high temperatures before melting. Thus, you can be assured by the fact that everything inside the shed will be protected. Wooden sheds are likely to burn when exposed to fire, whereas plastic ones may deform and melt.

Benefit #8 – Ventilation Chambers

Aluminum storage sheds come with build in ventilation chambers. These chambers comprise of small openings like fans. Ventilation in storage sheds will add more value to it! This is because ventilation reduces the chances of “condensation” in closed buildings. Once again, your belongings will be stored safely.

Benefit #9 – A Classy Look

Last but certainly not least, aluminum storage sheds will look appeasing! These sheds have a better outlook than many conventional shed structures. In fact, you can paint and renovate aluminum sheds in the way you want. Conversely, paint coatings on aluminum sheds are much more resilient that the wood-based ones!