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In this modern era, many people have misconceptions on why they should buy prefabricated sheds. Opinions span across different extremes; from those who say “Yes” to manufactured sheds to those who adore traditional frameworks, this is an enticing topic under strong criticism.

According to a recent survey, buying fabricated sheds has become extremely common for home owners. This is because the enticing structure comes in different shapes, sizes and prices. Additionally, there are many benefits in buying prefab sheds. With all this being said, would you go for prefabricated sheds instead of conventional, newly built ones?

Buying Prefabricated Sheds vs Building a New One!

In this article, you will find a sturdy answer to this question on whether you should buy a prefab shed, or just build one yourself. There are few benefits and drawbacks in buying prefabricated sheds. Read on, and you can decide which route you prefer to take yourself.

Reason #1 – Higher Quality and Superior Features

Modern prefabricated sheds are famous for its high quality and superior features. This is because custom made sheds are designed and put together in controlled environments. As a result, these sheds would adhere to high standards. When compared against conventional sheds, it would be very difficult to spot flaws in these designs.

Additionally, all the sheds would be built to meet uniform quality regulations. The fineness in prefab sheds is not determined by manual efforts, independent contractors, bad weather conditions or individual skill level.

Reason #2 – Energy Efficiency

Secondly, do you know that prefabricated storage sheds are famous for its “Energy Efficient” qualities? Over the years, prefab ones have become extremely energy efficient. This makes the custom made shed exceptionally sustainable. Traditional sheds that are built on solid grounds that will result in excessive wastage.

Nevertheless, prefabricated sheds are made of recycled materials. As a result, you will not waste lots of resources. Environmentally, this is a massive enhancement in the world of architecture & construction. The formation of waste landfills has reduced drastically with the inception of prefab. As a result, the energy required to build conventional sheds is much more than what is used up while constructing prefab sheds.

Reason #3 – Reduced Construction Hours

The overall time required to build prefabricated sheds is lessor that the traditional ones. This can be attributed to many reasons. According to experienced builders, prefab sheds require less than 1/3rd the time for building conventional sheds. As you build faster sheds, you will have the wit to save more money and effort.

In general terms, the custom made sheds save due to pre-planning, upfront blueprints, faster construction, fine-tuned fabrication and elimination of onsite scheduling. When you visit a factory that manufactures prefab sheds, you will be able to visualize its fast & efficient nature.

Reason #4 – Affordability

The list of benefits in buying prefabricated sheds will remain incomplete without “Affordability”. There are plenty of cost benefits in custom made sheds. Gone are the days when prefab sheds were expensive. Today, you will come across sites that describe the real cost benefits in using prefab sheds.

When compared against conventional projects, custom sheds rarely cross the predestined budget. In fact, most shed manufacturers offer hefty discounts on resources, which would in return reflect on the final price of your shed. As mentioned previously, prefab homes are famous for its reduced construction time and exorbitant cost saving strategies.

Reason #5 – Better Layouts

Prefab storage sheds from well renowned manufacturers will take you through cloud nine. These manufacturers will delight you with sensational preset shed layouts and plants at the base price of modular units. The overall price would revolve around transportation and construction.

However, remember that you should establish a strong foundation for your shed. If you are prepared to spend few extra dollars, you can always go for sheds with carpeted floors and hardwood walls. And, the additional price you pay will increase the overall lifetime and stability of your prefab shed.

Reason #6 – Extended Durability

Another important reason on why you should opt for prefab sheds would be “Durability”. Very rarely would you come across sheds that are surprisingly durable. Even in the midst of extreme weather conditions, modular, prefab sheds would stand erect.

This is a reliable promise devoured by famous manufacturers with several years of experience in the industry. Moreover, you can remodel these sheds to suit your neighborhood (and purpose). Different types of people need unique, personalized sheds for dissimilar reasons.

Drawback #1 – Transport!

However, there are three major reasons on why you should steer away from prefabricated sheds. So, how will you transport the shed to its location? What would you do if your backyard is fenced completely? In such situations, a separate pathway must be created for the custom made shed. You must remove bushes, trees and decors from the path.

Additionally, the prefab shed may get damaged during the transit. Conversely, would you go for brand new prefab sheds or ones that are built on firm grounds?

Drawback #2 – Low Quality

Though prefab sheds are known for its superior quality, you should think twice! This is because there are many local players in the industry with low quality sheds. Such manufacturers tend to make use of materials that would reduce their overall expenditure. As a result, your prefab storage shed may not last for a very long time. At all times, make sure the seller is insured, legally verified and bonded.

Drawback #3 – Size Limitations

Last but certainly not least, prefabricated storage sheds have drastic size limitations. You will come across sheds that range between 8×8, 10×12, 12×16, 16×16 and 24×16 inches. These are standard sizes that would not suffice your needs at all times. In such scenarios, you should opt to build your very own storage shed.

Ultimate Bottom Line

The presence of complex CAD software packages and modern technologies has changed the world of construction drastically. You will come across many prefab storage sheds with interesting features and upright facilities.

However, there are few drawbacks in buying prefab sheds. As potential buyers, you must weigh your pros and cons carefully for a wiser pick! Approach a skilled local inspector to verify if prefab sheds would suit your home and its neighborhood.