4x8-storage-shedIn this modern era, many people tend to invest in a 4×8 storage shed for lawn accessories. This is a simple structure that will help you maintain clean, organized homes in the long run. A small 4×8 shed will have plenty of space to store gardening tools, a lawnmower and basic lawn gears. The shed will help you organize these pricy equipments without consuming lots of valuable space.

According to experts, 4×8 is a perfect size for storing lawn equipments. This is because the so-called spacious shed confirms to standard construction dimensions and can be built in any yard (small). As you read on, you will learn how easy it is to build a 4×8 storage shed.

The Right Collection of Tools and Gears

To build a 4×8 storage shed, you should get ahold of certain equipment. The huge collection of building tools includes tapes, screw guns, hammer, level, 6 concrete blocks (4 inch solid or 8 inch standard), 2×4 framing lumber, circular saw, roof edge caps, 16d framing nails, framing square, reciprocal saw, 4×8 foot panels (1/2 inch plywood), 1×4 inch sheathing, 1×4 trim boards, door hinges, door latches, 1×2 inch batten boards, galvanized screws, plastic washer caps, 8d galvanized nails and corrugated metal roofing.

Top 8 Steps to Building a 4×8 Storage Shed

Now that you have your tools, now it’s time to start building. These 8 steps will help walk you through your building project. And in no time you’ll have enough room to store your lawn accessories safely and secure, while cleaning up the clutter outside.

Step #1 – A Perfect Location for the Shed

Firstly, you should identify a good spot for the 4×8 storage shed. The location has to be leveled and convenient. For instance, it must be away from impediments, buried utilities and strong tree roots. Mark a clean outline for the shed. The markings must correspond to the shed’s center and corners. Use an 8-foot concrete block to identify the middle. Likewise, you can represent the corners using 4-inch solid blocks.

Step #2 – Measuring the Shed

Conversely, the 4×8 storage shed’s corners, diagonals and sides must be measured carefully. Based on the required dimension, you should align and move the concrete blocks. At all times, make sure that there is no dirt beneath the concrete blocks.

Step #3 – The Door Frame

As the width, diagonal and length of the blocks are adjusted perfectly, you should build the floor frame. Two 2×4 inch lumber pieces, a circular saw and tape measure will be required during this stage. Cut the 2×4 inch pieces to 7feet ones.

These pieces can be used as the side bands. Likewise, cut the two 2×4 inch lumber to 3 feet pieces (must fit between the long boards). The foremost pieces should be nailed together. Place the 4-foot ones in the ends and the rest as floor joists. Make use of a framing square to verify if the boards form a perfect square.

Step #4 – Aligning the Concrete Blocks

Now, align the frame carefully on the blocks. Use an accurate tape to measure the diagonals. The frame has to be placed along the outside edge. Once this step is done, you should nail the joist and bands together using 8d galvanized nails.

Step #5 – Building the Shed’s Walls

The 4×8 shed must have four carefully built walls. You can use 2x4s for building the walls, vertical studs and bottom plates. Try to build side walls that are at least 7 feet 5 inches. These walls must have four in-between studs and two studs in the end. The studs should be at least 16 inches apart.

Step #6 – The Door!

A very important part in any 4×8 storage shed for lawn accessories would be its “Door”! You can make the front door as fancy as possible. The front door wall should be built with a door frame and two studs in the end. The center of the wall has to be marked carefully.

Conversely, the 16 inch studs should be on either sides of the wall’s center. Meanwhile, remember to set (horizontally) a door header between the top plate and 16-inch side studs. You are free to choose any kind of door for your 4×8 storage shed.

Step #7 – Raise the Walls

Now it’s time to raise your shed’s walls. The walls must be leveled and set together to form a square. The walls should be nailed to the floor frame. Next, you must cover the shed’s walls using ½ inch plywood that act as 4×8 foot panels. These walls must be nailed vertically. Cut the shed’s door opening using a reciprocal saw. Make use of 8d galvanized nails to attach the studs and the plywood.

While nailing, attach the corner studs to the floor frame. According to experts, you must connect the walls using cap boards. And, you should include additional 4 feet cap boards on the front walls. These cap boards can be used as a roof slope.

Step #8 – Roofing

“Roofing” is often deemed as a tacky process while building sheds and houses. However, 4×8 storage sheds require a simple roof, which can be built in a few hours. You must cut two 1×4 inch lumber sheets to provide strip sheathing for the shed’s metal roof. These sheets must be positioned at 24-inch gaps. Also, keep a 1/2 plywood shim below the very first strip.

The plywood shim will act as a slope that flows between the front & back. Use 8-foot panels to build the 4×8 storage shed’s roof. The end panels and center strips must be attached together using galvanized screws. As the panels overlap with one another, the roofing framework will become stronger. The edges should be sealed together using edge caps. Always make sure the shed affirms to corrugated patterns.

The Finishing Touch

As the basic framework gets completed, you should trim the tops and corners. Use 1×4 inch trim boards to cut the corners/tops. The side strips must be angled to cover the presence of gaps between the roof and the top of the plywood.

Last but certainly not least, you should build a door for your 4×8 storage shed. Attach the door to its opening. Now, brace the door corner to corner and include a door latch to it! This concludes the DIY guideline on how to build a 4×8 storage shed.