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Cool kids playhouse plans for backyards is wonderful way of investing in a building for your children. Every kid loves a playhouse. What kid doesn’t? So, are you planning to build a beautiful playhouse for your little one? If so, then you should find what you need to get started. We can discuss the best types of playhouses to choose from. Playhouses tend to come in different sizes, shapes and shades. Based on your budget and requirements, you can give your kid an amazing playhouse.

Even the town’s cheapest playhouses will be able to keep your children engaged and entertained for several hours. However, the moment you decide on an outdoor playhouse; you should be prepared to shed few extra dollars. Money will have to be spent, one way or the other, and obviously safety is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the right playhouse.

8 Unique and Cool Kids Playhouse Plans to Choose From

According to research, colorful playhouses with plenty of features can trigger your child’s imaginative powers. And, if you are searching for economical kids’ playhouse plans, consider yourself lucky! Here are top eight outdoor playhouse plans for backyards.

Plan #1 – Wooden Playhouses

The list begins with “Wooden Playhouses”. These can be considered as the town’s strongest and most durable playhouses. If you want a playhouse to last for several generations, you must opt for wooden structures. If cared properly, these playhouses will add more value to your actual home. Essentially, you should get a hold of the right kind of materials, building strategies and the best DIY guides, before starting construction.

Conversely, you must be prepared to spend a few hundreds of dollars on small wooden playhouses. As the house becomes elaborate, the net estimate may run into several thousands. For instance, if you want the wooden playhouse to have a gingerbread trim, you should be prepared to pay at least 1500 USD! In simpler terms, as the quality and size of the kids’ playhouse plan increases, the overall budget will become bigger.

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Plan #2 – Plastic Playhouses

Secondly, you can decide on plastic playhouses. When compared against wooden playhouses, these structures are known for its simplicity and portability. Plastic playhouses for backyards will last for a few years. However, you should maintain them with lots of care and concern. A poorly maintained plastic playhouse will fade and become weak in no time. Conversely, plastic playhouses range between few hundreds of dollars to several thousands, based on the style, size and quality.

Plan #3 – Garden Cottage

Have you ever wondered how a garden cottage would look like? Well, this is a small playhouse for girls! The garden cottage is less than 60 inches long. It has a cozy cabin and cute features. It may not seem like a huge structure, however it does offer unlimited hours of fun. The garden cottage comprises of interesting features like a Dutch door, electronic doorbell and mail slot! If you want a playhouse that wouldn’t take lots of space in your backyard, you must decide on this amazing option.

Plan #4 – Adventure Homes

Does your child sound antique and traditional? Does he prefer a rough and tough life? If yes, you should design a beautiful adventure playhouse in your backyard. The rustic effect of these wooden playhouses will take your child through cloud nine! Most parents consider this kids outdoor playhouse plan as authentic and interesting. The playhouse has an outdoorsy look with windows, a working chimney, a huge door and a front porch. You can include benches and chairs in this outdoor porch. Meanwhile, remember that the adventure playhouse should accommodate at least three kids.

Plan #5 – 4 Seasons

A very simple kids playhouse would be “4 Seasons”. The playhouse is categorized under “small” houses. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor fun. The enticing structure has working doorbells, a huge table, a custom designed Dutch door and mail boxes. Though small in size, 4 Seasons does promise unlimited hours of fun and interaction amongst kids. Above all, you can assemble and disassemble the compact structure in few short hours. Approximately, the 4 Seasons kids playhouse should have the dimensions 30 x 40 x 43 inches. However, the small playhouse should be maintained properly for extended durability!

Plan #6 – Patio Playhouses

The list of kids playhouses will remain incomplete without “Patio Playhouses”. These are exquisite structures that will let your kids dine outdoors! The patio playhouses are meant for small backyard picnics. As suggested by its name, you can install benches and patio tables in the small playhouse. In fact, pre-made patio playhouses come with fireplaces, burners and ovens! A typical patio playhouse should be at least 30 inches long and 20 inches wide. The spacious structure will give your child lots of room to play and have fun! Additionally, don’t forget to install windows and doors in the en closed unit.

Plan #7 – Farm Based Playhouses

Moving on, you can decide on colorful outdoor farm-based playhouses. In accordance with the very old saying, “Life on the farm is good”, the farm-based playhouses will let your kids enjoy the life of a sophisticated farmer! The farmhouses can have smoke chimneys, tables, electronic door bells, layouts for chicks, eggs and push wheelbarrows. These are small elements that would give the farmhouse a perfect finish. In most cases, a well built farm-based outdoors kids playhouse will be resistant to wind and rain. Consequently, these units can last for a very long time. Ideal dimensions for a farm playhouse would be 46 x 35 x 50 inches.

Plan #8 – Savannah Wood Playhouses

Over the past few years, “Savannah Wood Playhouses” have become extremely popular amongst homeowners with adventurous kids! These are amazing playhouses for backyards. The petite structure replicates the functionalities of a conventional home. It has doors, windows, roofs, walls, prefinished floors, flower boxes and storage cabinets. When compared against many other playhouses, these structures are big and comfortable. To be more precise, you can build Savannah Wood Playhouses with working weather vanes.

Ultimate Bottom Line

Regardless of the playhouse you choose, the structure has to be maintained carefully. Wooden playhouses should be repainted and varnished frequently. Also, decide on wood varieties that are durable and strong. Likewise, plastic playhouses should be washed using soap water. If the house develops mildew, you should wash it periodically.

Last but certainly not least, you should landscape the playhouse perfectly. Grow small flowering plants and vegetable varieties like zucchini, carrots and beans around the house. Always think innovatively and creatively, while landscaping the kids’ playhouse.