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Choosing a vinyl storage shed has many perks and advantages. When you dream of a storage shed in your house, you should not start building without any second thoughts. Many factors must be taken into consideration before you build a storage shed. In most cases, these factors will depend on why, where and when you wish to build a shed.

By definition, storage sheds are meant to keep away huge chunks of waste and trash. The special storage space will make sure your house remains clean and tidy. Apart from this, storage sheds will add more value to your current homes. This is because these spaces can be renovated to serve multiple purposes. With all this being said, what would be the best outdoor storage shed for your house?

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Vinyl Storage Shed

In this article, you will read on why you should choose vinyl storage sheds. In this trendy world, there are plenty of shed choices for buyers. From wood based sheds, to plastic frameworks, you can handpick from a massive range of materials.

Conversely, vinyl storage sheds have reached an utmost level of fame amongst potential DIYers. Vinyl storage sheds have been making waves for several reasons. From style, to classy looks, to durability to affordability; vinyl storage sheds enjoy an edge above most conventional materials.

Reason #1 – Waterproof

A major reason behind the extended reach of vinyl storage sheds would be its “Waterproof” nature. More than 70% of vinyl storage sheds are plastic; as a result, these sheds are completely waterproof. Apart from fighting against heavy rain and snow, you will not see any signs of swelling or dampness in these compact structures.

This is a major problem faced by homeowners with wood based storage sheds. Conversely, by building vinyl storage sheds, you don’t need to worry about frequent maintenance or repairs. Primarily because vinyl sheds are not affected by dents, scrapes, knocks or bangs!

Reason #2 – Customizable Bases

In most cases, vinyl storage sheds are sold without strong bases. Consequently, you must be prepared to buy a base separately. Luckily, these bases are not as expensive as the main shed. For instance, you will come across 4 x 8 inch vinyl storage sheds at a rock bottom price of 80 USD.

Likewise, sheds that measure 10 x 32 will be less than 200 USD. This proves the affordable nature of ever-strong vinyl storage sheds. Moreover, very rarely would you come across strong sheds that are as cheap as the vinyl ones. Most DIYers consider this as the major reason behind the fame and glory of vinyl storage sheds.

Reason #3 – Better Looks

As mentioned previously, vinyl storage sheds have a better look than traditional ones. This will make your house much more attractive. Some homeowners tend to make guest houses, mini barns and gardening sheds using vinyl. And, the material comes in different shades like brown, gray and maroon.

Sheds that are painted in complimentary shades will be a delight to the eye. Moreover, vinyl storage sheds comprise of UV coating that remains unaffected by strong sunlight and powerful radiations. This is why vinyl storage sheds are used in places with tough weather conditions. In fact, some sheds are designed with several layers of pitched roofs and insulated walls.

Reason #4 – Very Many Sizes

It is quite interesting to come across vinyl storage sheds that range across different sizes. From small 8 feet sheds to huge 16 feet structures, you will come across many vinyl storage options. Additionally, some sheds can be deeper (around 32 feet) than the rest (ten feet) too. If you have a very small backyard, vinyl storage sheds will act as amazing space savers. That’s why most people use vinyl sheds to store lawn chairs, trimmers, bikes, lawn mowers and patio furniture.

Reason #5 – Unique Floor Plans

Vinyl storage sheds are preferred by DIYers with fascinating flooring plans. That’s because vinyl sheds don’t come with floors. As a result, you can customize your very own floor. And, most people admire the idea of framing floors for their extra special vinyl sheds. For instance, you can put together wooden floors for your vinyl shed too! This proves the degree of flexibility devoured by pretty vinyl sheds.

Reason #6 – No More Noises!

When compared against conventional metallic sheds; vinyl storage units are less noisy. This can be attributed to its plastic base. Besides, vinyl sheds are sold with step by step instructions on how to build durable frameworks. These kits can be mastered in an effortless manner.

Moreover, you are not expected to shell extra cash on these kits. If you buy vinyl storage sheds from reputed brands, you can delight over their breath taking warranties too! In case the storage shed is shipped with premature damages, you can opt for an immediate refund or replacement. Customer friendly manufacturers (dealers) will let you make the decisions.

Reason #7 – Truly Attractive

Aesthetically, vinyl storage sheds look extremely attractive. They can be customized to complement your landscape and household. For example, you can include special siding, sky lights and windows in your storage shed. This will make your vinyl storage shed look like a miniature guest house.

Nevertheless, remember that extra detailing will be expensive. A major benefit in opting for vinyl sheds would be its huge range of designs and colors (this cannot be exploited in conventional storage sheds).

Reason #8 – Easy Installation

Last but certainly not least, vinyl storage sheds can be installed easily. A major problem in cozy wood or metal based storage sheds would be installation. Based on your installation skills, the overall time required to put together a shed may increase or decrease.

However, this is not the scenario with vinyl storage sheds. This is because vinyl sheds have a modular design that can be broken down and assembled at any time. Very rarely would you come across complications in building a vinyl storage shed. Once installed, these sheds will not bug you with extensive maintenance.

On the whole, vinyl storage sheds are filled with many benefits. If you are new to the world of storage sheds, vinyl would be the right kind of material for you.